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    American Racing Custom Wheels

    Since the mid-1950's, American Racing has been designing and crafting cutting-edge, high strength racing wheels. Over the decades, the interest in American Racing wheels like the legendary Torq-Thrust was just as overwhelming then as it is today! The American Racing wheel lineup is made up of unique and stylish rims that fit a wide range of vehicles. You can be certain that you can find an American Racing wheel to match your ride!

    Whether you are looking for that nostalgic look or you want something a bit more radical to set your hot rod or muscle car apart from the crowd, Ron's Rims will deliver exactly what you need directly to your doorstep at an excellent price. With over 20 years in the rim and wheel industry, you will be hard-pressed to find another company that can match Ron's Rims in both customer satisfaction and price. Contact us today to see how Ron's Rims can provide you with the right wheels at the right price!


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