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FAQs About Buying Wheels and Rims

I drive such-and-such car/truck/hot rod/etc. Do you have wheels that will fit?
Most likely, yes. There are a lot of variables to take into consideration when buying rims, especially for larger trucks and custom builds. Give us a call, email or text us and we’ll make sure you get the right wheels and fitment for your vehicle.

Do you offer custom/vintage wheels?
Yes. Call, email or text us and we’ll help you figure out exactly what you need.

What do you mean by bolt pattern and backspacing?
Fortunately, we have put together a handy little guide to help you nail the measurements for your vehicle.

Download Wheel Measurement PDF »

Do you have any used/refurbished wheels?
All of our wheels are fresh, brand spanking new, out of the box. We do however occasionally get some special offers or customer returns that may work for your project. Call, email or text us and we may just have what you are looking for.

Who is your domestic carrier?
We use FedEx Ground for deliveries within the continental United States. Expedited /Express services ARE available, but will need to be quoted beforehand. LTL shipment is available for quantity orders and for larger wheels.

I live near the Mesa, AZ area. Can I just come pick my wheels up?
We typically drop ship orders from the nearest manufacturer warehouse directly to customers. The large variety of choices and the wide selection of styles that are available makes it difficult to house everything under one roof. Of course, we can have products shipped locally for convenience if need be.

Do you ship overseas?
No, however we can ship to a US based freight forwarder/exporter of your choice.


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